President Biden’s Job Report For May Added 567,000 Jobs. This Is Another Achievement For Biden To Claim Victory During His First 400 Days In Office. His America Rescue Plan Is Helping Additionally, Millions Of Americans And Small Businesses Recover From The Impact Of The Pandemic And The Success Of His Vaccination Distribution Plan Is Saving Lives And Reviving The Economy. In Trump’s First Few Months As President He Called For A Ban On Muslims Entering The Country, Tried To Repeal The Affordable Care Act Which Would Have Caused Millions Of Americans To Lose Healthcare, And Began Alienating Our Allies And Romancing Autocrats.

President Biden has been working hard to get things done for the American people without any interest in holding rallies, excessive tweeting, compulsive golfing, or butting in on subjects completely […]

Former President Barack Obama Urges Americans To Take The Voter Suppression Movement By Republicans As A Serious Attack On Democracy. Obama Said, “This Experiment In Democracy Is Not Self- Executing. It Doesn’t Happen Automatically.” Obama Warns The Danger Of 1) The Republicans Declaration To Block Any Legislation Introduced By President Biden, 2) Of The Corrupt Passing Of Bills By Republican State Governments To Overturn Elections If Their Party Loses, And 3) The Republicans Willingness To Support Trump’s “Big Lie” About Election Fraud To Protect Their Jobs.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night, President Obama expressed both feelings of disappointment and hope. He said, “I didn’t expect that so few people would say, […]

How Ironic Is It That Trump Presents Himself As The Protector Of Free And Fair Elections While His History Of Election Interference Precedes Him. He Was Impeached For Trying To Rig The 2020 Election, By Asking Another World Leader To Find zdirt On Joe Biden. He Then Asked The Georgia Secretary Of State To Illegally Find Votes To Beat Biden, And He Is Encouraging Bogus Audits In The Battleground States To Change The Election Results. His Cult-Followers May Not Understand Irony Or Care About His Blatant Hipocracy, But The Majority Of The Country And The World See Him For The Desperate, Corrupt Liar He Is.

On a phone call to President Zelensky of Ukraine in 2019, evidence was discovered revealing Trump tried to interfere in the 2020 election by asking Zelensky to announce an investigation […]

Senator Joe Manchin Is Out Of Touch With the Reality Of How Fractured American Politics Is. He Soon May Become Complicit In The Destruction Of Democratic Voting Rights In America. His Outdated, Naive Hope For Bipartisanship By Defending The Filibuster Makes Him The Puppet For The Republican Voter Suppression Agenda. Despite Bills Being Passed By Republican Governors To Overturn Election Results In Their States, Manchin Is Unmoved By The Threat This Poses To Democracy. Manchin And The Republican’s Voter Suppression Movement Is Real, Dangerous to Democracy, And A Dereliction Of Duty

Senator Joe Manchin was interviewed today on CNN by Manu Raju and his stubborn, gullible stance on the filibuster was clear. He told Raju, “We have got to bring our […]

“American Democracy Is In Peril” Are The Disturbing Words President Joe Biden Said In A Moving, Inspirational Speech In Tulsa, Oklahoma At The 100th Anniversay Of The Tulsa Massacre Of Black Wall Street. He Warned That White Supremacists Are Out To Destroy Democracy And Republicans In Congress Are Complicit In Their Silence. Also Spreading The Election Lie And Emboldening The “Big Lie” Traitors Are Disgraced General Michael Flynn And Conspiracy Theorist And Former Trump Attorney Sidney Powell. They Spoke At A Right- Wing Q’Anon Conference This Past Weekend, Sounding Crazy. Flynn Called For A Military Coup To Remove Biden From Office And Reinstate The Loser Donald Trump. Dangerous, Delusional, Anti-American.

Hearing ). President Biden speak competently, intelligently, and compassionately is always a reminder of how DUMB Donald Trump is. It also is a reminder of what an empathic, honest, humble, […]

In Director Luke Holland’s Holocaust- Themed Documentary “Final Account”, A Man Living During Hitler’s Third Reich Raised The Question “At What Point Does Complicity Make One A Perpetrator?” This Question Sadly Applies Today As We Witness Republicans In Congress Turn Their Backs On Saving Democracy From Domestic Terrorism, Diminish The Killing Of Black Men At The Hands Of Police, Vote Against Bills To Protect Transgender And Asian Americans From Hate-Crimes And Ignore The Rising Threat to Jewish And Black Americans By White Supremacist Groups. The Continued Support By Republicans Of Trump’s Dictatorial Impulses Make Them Complicit In His Endangerment Of Both Our Democracy And American Lives.

Director Holland’s movie depicts the regret and guilt that some of his elderly subjects feel as they recall memories as children and young adults during the Holocaust and Hitler’s murderous […]

In What Appears To Be A Partisan Cover- up, The Republican “Party Of The Mob” Voted Today To Block A Bipartisan Commission To Investigate The Trump Incited January Insurrection Against The U.S. Capitol And Members Of Congress. Senator Mitch McConnell Presented A Disingenuous Claim The Commission Is Unnecessary Because The DOJ And FBI Are Investigating The Attack. However, He Then Said On Record That The Commission Would Hurt The Republican’s Chances In The 2022 Elections As The Reason For Opposing It. Are They Hiding The Fact That During The Insurrection, Trump Did Nothing To Stop It, And Knew It Was Going To Happen?