Does every love story need a closure? #30ColoursOfLove #Love

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I’m a diehard romantic and my voracious appetite for all-things-love has been liberally supplemented with sumptuous helpings of Yash Chopra movies since childhood. A love story has a way of touching the deepest corners of our heart in the most intimate way. When Shahrukh Khan spread his arms wide in DDLJ and proclaimed ‘Come…fall in love!’ the adolescent starry-eyed me followed him like a fallen leaf caught in a storm.  Dil To Pagal Hai promised ‘Someone.. somewhere.. is made for you’ and I readily believed that my soulmate would reveal himself to me any day now. Even fairytales, with their sad beginnings, have always promised us a better tomorrow with clichéd ‘…and they lived happily ever after’ endings. That’s what love is; a heady concoction of hope, companionship and longing sprinkled with just the right amount of struggle to make it alluring.


Real love stories are a far cry from these fictional made-up ones though. Our knight in shining armour could be that skinny bespectacled friend who digested our secrets, couldn’t he? Love might choose to charm us with its magic even as one is staring at the last few sunsets of his life. Amusingly, in today’s world of social media the love of our life could block us and move on in a matter of seconds too! Do you believe that every love story can get a happy ending or even a closure in such cases?

Few moviemakers attempt at making love believable and relatable to us onscreen. Gone are the days, thankfully, when beautiful locations and good-looking lead pairs overshadowed a great story. Regional cinema is way more creative and rooted than Bollywood and has some amazing content that’s waiting to be explored. Thanks to OTT platforms and subtitles, of late I’ve been discovering loads of interesting Marathi, Telugu (Vijay Deverakonda, uff!) and Malayalam movies.

One that touched a chord with me (meaning, made me tear up) was a Marathi movie Ti Sadhya Kay Karte (translation, what she might be doing now?). It is an innocent love story which doesn’t reach a predictable end yet manages to warm your heart.

Reunions are like a Pandora’s Box that unravels hidden love stories and feelings. Anurag, now middle-aged, has lost touch with Tanvi and misses her, wondering what she’s upto. They’ve had a rocky past in which a young Anurag instead of professing his love for her yells at her and drives her away. He has lived in regret since. Lovelorn Tanvi moves to Delhi and then Boston. Eventually they get married to different people and have settled lives now. Anurag tries incessantly to meet her when she’s visiting, and does, but is still as shy and speechless as ever. Finally they do confess their love to each other (Thanks to Tanvi) and move apart with a promise to never let this ruin their friendship or respective relationships.

This movie has been directed by Satish Rajwade. My favourite Ankush Chaudhari plays Anurag while Tejashree Pradhan has essayed the role of Tanvi. Abhinay Berde, yesteryear actor Laxmikant Berde’s son, plays the young Anurag. Aarya Ambekar was the younger version of Tanvi.

Many people from my generation have had a Kuch Kuch Hota hai kind of love-friendship which didn’t end like it. I mean, which girl in her right senses would go in Devdas mode for 8 years? Please! Ti Sadhya Kay Karte has what KKHH didn’t; maturity and realism. Tanvi has a happily married life but doesn’t shy away from her feelings for Anurag. Anurag wears her favourite colour and names his daughter after Tanvi. They’re both comfortable with and also nervous around each other. I loved Tanvi’s line in the end where she says that she doesn’t want Anurag to be the hidden part of her life. Acceptance of love and the responsibility of a committed relationship,isn’t that how a real love story would go? Karan Johar could learn a thing or two, if he tries. We win some and we lose some, don’t we?

Fictional incomplete stories leave a mark but don’t real incomplete ones deserve to be expressed too? Every dried rose petal in old college books and every word dedicated to that special someone has a tale attached to it. If we look closely, there’s a love story everywhere around us. We simply learn to live with it, with or without closure. What do you think?

‘This post has been written for the Petals of Love Blog Hop hosted by Swarnali Nath.’